Best Cultural Palace in India | Neemrana Fort – Rajasthan

Best Cultural places in India | NEEMRANA Rajasthan

Not that I don’t love Delhi, but an excessive exposure to it’s charms can be tiring. Getting away reorients the mind and recharges batteries. Even a single night at Neemrana wakes me up refreshed, ready to face almost anything. The Neemrana Fort Palace is a two-hour drive from Delhi.

Best Cultural places in India | NEEMRANA Rajasthan

If you arrive in the morning, the fort sits suspended in a haze of dremaclouds. In the evenings, you enter a seductive fantasy of light a top a dark hill. Each room and suite in Neemrana, be it the Chandra Mahal, a favourite of Kate Winslet, or Francisi Mahal, is individual and uniquely evocative. The pillow are soft, the food is refined, the service welcoming.

Best Cultural places in India | NEEMRANA Rajasthan

The Hanging Gardens, Ooncha Bagh, Mukut Bagh, crafted into the most natural succession of terraces, are contemplation spots. In the evenings, a pride of peacocks swoop down the hill slope, and the limpid pool gleams golden with reflected light. I have the most incredible memories of Neemrana spred over the last several years–of the starcsapes, the full moon, of Jaipur fireworks, of Vikram Seth reciting his poems, of V.S. Naipual and Nadira in the Hawa Mahal, of U.R. Ananthamurthy discussing Sanskrit drama, of Sonal Mansingh dancing. Age cannot wither, noe custom stale, its infinite variety. I shall continue to go there, with my friends, alone, again and again.



Air: The nearest airport is Delhi, 120 Km away
Rail: The nearest railway station is Delhi
Road: It’s a two-hour drive form Delhi to Neemrana.



Village Neemrana, Alwar-301705, Rajasthan, India
Phone : 01494-246006/7/8
Website :

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