Delicious Dahi ke Kabab | Recipe of Dahi Kabab

Recipe of Dahi Kabab - Blurnooz

Indian delightful recipe Dahi ke Kabab with Images.
A full recipe of Dahi Kabab with Components and step-by-step method. Components – Boiled apples etc..

Dahi Ke Kabab:-


 Hug curd: 500gm
 Boiled potato: 100gm,
 Grated cottage cheese: 100gm
 Chopped green chilli: 5gm
 chopped ginger: 5gm
 Roasted chana powder: 50gm
 Turmeric powder: 2gm
 Yellow chilli powder: 5gm
 Fired onion: 20gm
 Bread crumb: 50gm
 Oil: 200ml
 Laccha onion: 100gm
 Mint chutney: 100ml
 Lemon wedge:4
 Salt: to taste.


Recipe of Dahi Kabab - Blurnooz


1) Mix all the components properly in a pairing bowl.

2) Split the mixture in actually balls and produce patties.

3) temperature fat in a pot and short fry the patties variety both part until golden brown.

4) Organize in a plate and function hot along with laccha onion and mint chutney. It’s great and healthy.

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