Matheran Hill Station – A beautiful destination in Maharashtra

Matheran Hill Station

– Matheran Hill Station is located in the Western Ghats of the Maharashtra state.

– This Hill Station is located at the height of 810 metre(2650 feet) above the sea level.

– People are enjoying the Tracking, Rock Climbing, etc. in this Hill Station.

– This Hill Station is announced as the eco-sensitive hill station.

– Around the Matheran Hill Station there are many table points and valley’s located.

Matheran Hill Station

Matheran Hill Station

– The best enjoyment of this Hill Station can be taken through the Mini-Train. This train is passing through the dense forest of the Hill Station and the scene of this train is amazing.

– There about 38 different points of this Hill Station.

Echo Point :-

Matheran Hill Station echo point

– This point is very much famous for the Love Birds.

– At this point the LoveGuru express their feelings.

– Here many people are speaking the name of their lover and they get the name of their lovers back again.

King George Point :-

Matheran Hill Station georage point

– This point is amazing for the gorgeous waterfall.

– At this point people are enjoying their precious moment of their life.

Panorama Point :-

Panorama Point in matheran

– This point is famous for the sun-rise. In the morning this point’s scene is looking awesome.

– This point is the biggest point in the Matheran Hill Station.

– From this point we can see the Neral from the East side and Panvel form the West side.

– From this point we can see the most of the Hill point form this Hill Station.

Other Points like :-

1) Louisa Point

2) Charlotte Lake

3) Neral-Matheran Toy Train

4) One-Tree Hill Point

5) Prabal Fort

How to Reach at this Hill Station :-

– The nearest airport is the International Airport of Mumbai( Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport ) and the distance is about 100 Km.

– From Airport you can reach there by Taxi or bus.

– From Surat Airport the distance is approx. 337 Km.

Distance between all Places :-

1) Surat to Matheran Hill Station  –   332 Km

2) Mumbai to Matheran Hill Station   –   80 Km

3) Navsari to Matheran Hill Station    –   294 Km

4) Bardoli to Matheran Hill Station    –   327 Km

5) Vapi to Matheran Hill Station  –   222 Km

6) Valsad to Matheran Hill Station  –  243 Km

7) Ahmedabad to Matheran Hill Station  –   574 Km

8) Baroda to Matheran Hill Station   –   460 Km

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