Working of RADAR Calculating distance, speed etc.

  • How the Radar works ? Calculating Distance and Speed.

Friends you must have listen about the radar system but you know how the radar system works. How it is identified that this plane, ship is crashed or how the speed of the car is measured.

Friends here is a very simple concept that now the sound you are hearing is due to sound waves that are in flowing in any manner and by the collision of this waves we can hear the sound. We can see everything because the light waves beside us are spreaded and this waves are collided in the environment and by this they are coming in our eyes.

The machines of radar are working like that radio waves present in the environment are collided with each other and they reaching to the building and like this they can see everything on four sides. It is not like that if it is seeing then it is seeing in front of us but then also they are knowing that besides them there are some of the objects are present. By the position of the object they are knowing what is that thing. Here we are using the radio waves.


Friends the concept of the radio waves is very simple like the light waves and the sound waves.

If any solid object is coming in front of the radio waves the it comes back again.

Suppose you have the receiver and the antenna and you are releasing the waves from the antenna and if any object is there in front of this waves then that waves will come back. When you have received the waves back then you can easily imagine the speed of the waves and that speed is speed of light. You know the speed of the waves, in how much time it comes back, you can easily calculate the dist between your position and the object by simple mathematical calculation. If you have the multiple receiver then you can easily calculate the accurate the position, you can also easily calculate the height of the object.

how-to-working-radar-systemDish antenna is scanning that the signals are coming from which way and the radar calculate which object is present at how much distance and seeing that the object is coming or not or in which direction it is moving and position of it is updating continuously till the calculation is complete in 360 degree angle.

By this you can see the multiple objects and you can imagine that which object is at located at how much distance and in which direction.

Now let’s talk about the advance version of the Doppler Radar. It can also calculate the speed and say that it is moving towards you or moving away from you. Cops are also using this radar.

If you have sent the signal then and it is moving object then it’s speed, it is moving towards you or moving away from you, then the return frequency is changed then the speed of the object can be known.

If you aim the radar gun in front of the object then you will come to know how much speed it has and it is moving towards you or moving away from you that thing can also be known.

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