Bullet proof Vest – A Body Armor protection against attacks

Bullet proof Vest - A Body Armor protection against attacks

Bulletproof Vests

The Bulletproof jacket is a type of product when we wear it the bullet fired from a gun does not hit us and it gives protection to our body. In the ancient times the people were using the spear and arrows to attack anyone but now in modern days guns were invented and after the invention of the gun, the bulletproof jacket came into the market.

Firstly the people were wearing the bulletproof jacket to protect themselves and the weight of that jacket was heavy and it was made from the material of metal and plastic and due to this, it is easier to use nowadays. Due to this type of materials used the weight of the jacket is less and it is very soft and it gives full protection to the body so the need of this jacket in the market increases so due to this Bulletproof Vest came into the market.

Bullet proof Vest - A Body Armor protection against attacks
 How did the bulletproof vests work ?

Soft body Armour :-

In the manufacturing of the soft body armour, the material used is Kevlar Fabric. This fabric most more power and strength of this fabric is 5 times more than the steel. This fabric is very much soft so it is easier to wear and use is easier.

This fabric is made up of more than one layer and the use of plastic is also there to manufacture it.

When the bullet is fired from the gun it’s strength is powerful and it touches some small point then some damage is there inside. When the same bullet is fired on the smaller point the bulletproof vest then it’s energy is spread all over the jacket. When the bullet hits to your jacket then you will tweak but the bullet will not hit to your body.

This bulletproof vest can bear more than 25 bullets at a time and you will get in your body.

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