Pesce in Crosta | Fish with Semolina Crust Recipes

Pesce in Crosta | Fish with Semolina Crust Recipe

Delightful menu of semolina crusted fish.Ingredients of Pesce in Crosta – Fish fillet(sole, sea bass), Semolina, White wine, essential olive oil and oregano leaves etc.

Pesce in Crosta(Fish with Semolina Crust):-


 Fish fillet(sole, sea bass): 1kg
 Extra virgin olive oil: 50  ml
 White wine: 75 ml
 Freshly squeezed sweet lime or orange juice: 50 ml
 Juice of lemon: 1
 Semolina: 100 gm
 Handful of oregano leaves, Salt and pepper for seasoning.

Pesce in Crosta | Fish with Semolina Crust Recipe


1) In a mixing bowl, include the essential olive oil, wine, red juice and orange juice. Put oregano, sodium and pepper. Place the fish fillet in the marinade and give it a great shake.

2) In a dish, or on a clean floor, distribute the semolina wheat, and cover the fish on equally sides.

3) Temperature a bit of oil in a non-stick skillet and grill the marinated fillets, till the fish is cooked and semolina crust is crispy and brown. When the fish is cooked, eliminate and collection aside.

4) In exactly the same skillet, on a higher relationship, make the marinade for approximately 5 minutes to reduce the sauce. Put within the fish and offer it with veggies of one’s choice.

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