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India is a democratic country. In the year 2014 the Modi’s government especially for the Indian people it came into the conservation and significant. In the year 2016 government has introduced the new clue and the whole country came into the fateful and rider. In the first year the movement of the Patidar Samaj lasted and after that, the demonetization occurs it came into the discussion. After this issue new issue came into the market that was about the slavery of the cow’s. In the running of this matter, a new issue came into the country that is about the GST(Goods and Services Tax).

In the villages, in the cities, in the streets of the cities, in the lover, in the hospital, in the deceased, family function even in the marriage function also slavery of cow’s, GST, demonetization are spread like a cloud.

Demonetization was a type of only a dramatic applied in the country and the news on television and in the newspaper, only the talks were going about the demonetization and to stop the terrorist activities, to destroy the black money of country,

Indigenous for this all activities demonetization came into existence. The Prime Minister of the India says this line repeatedly. People of the India thought about that and they were standing in the queue to change the currency from the bank. The people of India are going to the agents which are converting the money from black to white.

After this activity the case of the Dalits about the slavery of the cows run in the India and for this they have told to the government to take the strict action and make the strict rules about the slavery of the cow and the cases came in front of the people of the India about the Muslims and Dalits. Some of the cases came in front of the citizens of India that were very dangerous that it will put the lives of the people in danger. In this situation, the Prime Minister of India about 3 years and about 3-4 times the movement of the slavery of cow’s were comparable with the terror because the government was busy from last 2-2.5 years about passing the bill of GST.

Firstly the other political parties were opposing this topic because when the other parties tried to pass this GST bill the current ruling parties were protesting it.

The BJP leaders were supporting the GST bill and the protesting leaders of the other parties and the citizen of the India were not knowing about the GST and they do not the definition of the GST.

What’s the GST we don’t have to worry about that topic? When the Arun Jaitely will know about the GST then automatically the progress of the country will be increased.

When the GST will be applied then inflation will be higher that type of the talking was heard. For 2 minutes it was shocking that the inflation was not there in the country. After the applied GST the people of India does not have any difference because they have the habit of it. The selling of the milk of Rs. 60-70 per liter in the government dairy of the village if the people are no habitually of there is no effect of GST on them.

After the year 2016 in India the economist was present and after the demonetization, the counting of the economist rapidly increasing. Those peoples have failed in economics that people after GST bill passed that people became the Economist. After the GST bill passed the inflation will increase and the wise people say that the inflation will be decreased.

The happiness of our country is that if any new topic comes into the country then most of the people came into enjoying and some people are afraid. After some time the people who were enjoying this topic they realize about this thing is not complete.


  • GST Rates Table :-

Products Before GST GST Rates
Wheat 2.5% 0%
Rice 2.75% 0%
Flour not branded 3.5% 0%
Curd, Lassi, Butter 4% 0%
Natural Honey not branded 6% 0%
Ultra High Temperature Milk 6% 5%
Tea(without processed leaves) 6% 5%
Milk Powder 6% 5%
Sugar 6% 5%
Chocolate 7% 5%
Cooking Oil 6% 5%
Pulses 6% 5%
Ketchup and Sauce 12% 12%
Mustard Sauce 12% 12%
Mineral Water 27% 18%
Sweets of sugar 21% 18%
Baal Picture, Drawing, Color Books 7% 0%
Footwear of Rs.500 10% 5%
Kerosene Pressure Lanterns 8% 5%
Coal 9% 5%
Tooth Powder 17% 12%
LED 15% 12%
X-ray Film used in medical 23% 12%
Diagnostics Kit and Regents 16% 12%
Less than 15 HW fix speed diesel engine 16% 12%
Flyesh Bricks and Blocks 16% 12%
Sewing Machine 16% 12%
Hair Oil 27% 18%
Toothpaste 27% 18%
Soap 27% 18%
Other Footwear 27% 18%
LPG Stove 21% 18%
Aluminium Foils 19% 18%
School Bag 22% 18%
Printer 19% 18%
Stapler 27% 18%
Tractor’s front tyre and tubes 20% 18%
Helmet 20% 18%
CCTV 19% 18%
Bassinet 27% 18%
Plastic Tarpoulin 19% 18%
Wooden Furniture 23% 18%
Head Gear and their parts 27% 18%
Cement 29% 28%


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