Intel latest processor Core i3, i5, i7 and i9 fully explained

intel processor core i3, i5, i7 and i9

Intel was established on 18th July 1968. Intel is the biggest micro controller company of world. Intel had made the x86 micro controller in the world for first time and in the today’s world mostly the use of Intel Processor is done.

– The processor made by Intel are:

– 8080
– 8080A
– 8085
– 8086
– 80286
– 80386
– 80486
– Pentium
– Pentium core 2 duo

– Intel Company is manufacturing the products like Motherboard Chipset, Network Interface Controller, Integrated Circuit, Graphics Card, Embedded Processor and Computer etc.

– Now we are going to provide the detailed information about the famous Intel processors like Intel core i3, Intel core i5, Intel core i7 and Intel core i9.

– Intel all processor is available in the Desktop Computer and Laptop.

– Today our topic is about the processor.

1) Which processor is best ?

2) Which processor should we can use ?

3) Which processor has good speed and cache memory ?


Processor i3 :-

intel processor i3

– The first name of i3 processor was named as Clark dale and it was launched in January 2010.

– The latest version of i3 processor name is Kaby Lake and it was launched in January 2017.

– I3 processor has 2 core, 4 Threads and reserved cache memory of 3MB.

What is Thread ?

Thread is executing the small instruction program and it manages the scheduler and it is part of the operating system.

There two types of threads :-
1) Single Thread
2) Multi Thread

Different Version of i3 :-

1) i3-7320
2) i3-7100T
3) i3-7100
4) i3-7300T
5) i3-700

Who can use i3 processor ?
– For playing the small games.
– To run some of the basic software smoothly.

Price :-
– Price of i3 processor is around 9000 – 15,000 (approx) Rs.


Processor i5 :-

– The first name of i5 processor was named as Lynnfied and it was launched in September 2009.

– The latest version of i5 processor name is Kaby Lake and it was launched in January 2017.

– The i5 processor has the 4 cores, 4 threads and 6 MB of reserved cache memory so the speed of the CPU is increased and the waiting time is decreased.

– I5 Processor has the 2.80 GHz processing clock frequency and the Max turbo frequency is 3.70 GHz.

– In the i5 processor maximum 64 GB RAM is used and the Turbo Boots Technology version 2.0 is used. With the help of Turbo Boots Technology it can do more work and the waiting time is decreased.

Different Version of i5:-

1) i5 – 7600T
2) i5 – 7440HQ
3) i5 – 7400T
4) i5 – 7600H
5) i5 – 7300HQ
6) i5 – 7500

Who can use i5 processor ?

– For watching HK videos.
– For making HK videos and editing the videos.
– For playing the game with the high graphics.
– For photoshop.
– To run the high level software.

Price :-

– Price of i5 processor is around 14,000 – 20,000(approx) Rs.


Processor i7 :-

– The first name of i7 processor was named as BloomFied and it was launched in November 2008.

– The latest version of i7 processor name is Kaby Lake and it was launched in January 2017.

– The i7 processor has the 4 cores, 8 threads and 8 MB of reserved cache memory.

– Due to more number of threads and cache memory the speed of this processor is more than i5 processor.

– I7 Processor has the 3.10 GHz processing clock frequency and the Max turbo frequency is 4.10 GHz.

– The i7 processor supports the RAM of 64 GB.

– The technology used in i7 processor are Turbo Boost Technology and Speed Shift Technology.

Different Version of i7 :-

1) i7 – 7920HQ
2) i7 – 7820HK
3) i7 – 7820HQ
4) i7 – 7700
5) i7 – 7700K
6) i7 – 7567W

Who can use i7 processor ?

– For making of 3D graphics.
– For the making of High level games and to play that games.

Price :-

– Price of i7 processor is around 24,000 – 30,000(approx) Rs.


Processor i9 (2017) :-

intel i9 processor

– This processor has launched on 19th June 2017.

– The Intel’s latest and new processor is i9┬áprocessor.

– The name of the i9┬áProcessor is Sky lake-X(core I9-7900X).

Price :-

– The price of the I-9 processor is about $999(approx. Rs 60,000).

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