Intel latest processor core i9 Skylake-X-7900X review

– The Intel’s latest and new processor is Core i9 (7900X) processor.

– This processor has launched on 19th June 2017.

– The name of the i9 Processor is Skylake-X (core I9-7900X).

– The clock rate of i9 processor is 3.3GHz and the inbuilt reserved cache memory is 13.75 MB.

– The CPU turbo clock rate is:

Single Core -> 4.3 GHz

Dual Core  ->  4.5 GHz

– This processor has the 4 slots of RAM and the size of the RAM is of 128 GB.

– This processor has the 10 cores or it has 20 threads so the working speed of the computer is very fast.

 What is thread ?

Thread is executing the small instruction program and it manages the scheduler and it is part of the operating system.

intel i9 processor

– The processor is made up of the Semiconductor device and fabrication and the size of the semiconductor is about 14 mm so the size of the processor is reduced.

– The new models of the i9 processor will come in to the market:

1) Core I9-7920X

2) Core I9-7940X

3) Core I9-7960X

4) Core I9-7980X

– With the use of Intel Turbo Max Technology 3.0 frequency the speed can be taken up to 4.50 GHz.

– The most advanced technology is Hyper-Threading that is used in i9 processor.

– Different version In Advance Processor:-

Core I9-7960X: 16 cores / 32 threads

Core I9-7940X: 14 cores / 28 threads

Core I9-7920X: 12 cores / 24 threads

Core I9-7900X: 10 cores / 20 threads

Price :-

– The price of the Core i9 processor is about $999(approx. Rs 60,000).


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