Kotlin Programming Language for Android Developer

Kotlin Programming Language for Android Devloper - Blurnooz.com



Apple is the most popular swift language. This swift programming language is faster and very easy to use.

In the Android system it has the java based programming language but in comparison to the swift language it lacks behind it. So due to this the foundation of new language in Android is done and it was named as Kotlin.

This language is like a swift language only. The Kotlin language is based on the Java language. Kotlin language is developed by the JetBrains.

The syntaxes of the Kotlin language is totally different than other languages.

Through the Android Studio version 3.0 we can develop the Kotlin application.

The Java base application which are developed in the Android Studio that can be easily converted in the Kotlin language.

Kotlin Programming Language for Android Devloper - Blurnooz

Why Kotlin Used ?

Interoperable :

It uses the old library of the JVM.

Tool-Friendly :

The existing system’s tools are used in the new language developed that is Kotlin and we can also do this with Command Line.


Types of Software uesd:-

1) IntelliJ IDEA

2) Android Studio (3.0)

3) Eclipse

4) Compiler



Hello World Program Using Kotlin Programming Languages.

 package hello
 fun main(arg: Array<string>)
      println("Hello World");

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