Recipes of healthy Insalata Caprese Salad with image

Insalata Caprese salad images

Insalata Caprese Greens is usually in French healthy salad dish. Its content has elements such as Plum tomato vegetables, mozzarella, Balsamic White vinegar, and also Oil.It is method easy and quick.

Ingredients :-

          Plum tomatoes: 60 gm.
          Young buffalo mozzarella: 50 gm
          Balsamic vinegar: 60ml
          Basil oil: 10ml
          Essential Olive oil: 10ml
          Pepper: 5gm
          Sodium: 5 gm.

Insalata Caprese salad

Method :-

1. Cut blanched tomatoes into roundels
2. Cut buffalo mozzarella into roundels
3. Begin putting tomato, basil and mozzarella among one another as shown in the picture.
4. Mix sodium and pepper.
5. Finally drizzle olive, basil and balsamic decrease on top as shown.

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