Saputara beautiful & adorable hill station in Gujarat


In India country the Gujarat state is located in the west side. In Gujarat state the Dang District in which there is a very beautiful Hill Station known as Saputara Hill Station is located. This hill station is supposedly known as the home of the Serpent(Snake).

This place is located between the Gujarat and Maharashtra border in between the jungle. The height of this place is supposedly about 1000 meter or 1 Km. The people are coming in 12 months for refreshment and picnic. In summer season the temperature is less than 30 degree always.


Places Viewable in Saputara:-


The snake of saputara, Rope-way, Reservoir, Sunset Point, Rose garden, Culture of Dangi as well as Step garden, Rutupara School etc. places are viewable.

The zoo which is located in saputara the art of tribes and culture are seen. Every year thousands of people are visiting this place. The exhibiton’s are organized at this place and in this exhibition the utensils of the tribes, jewellery, musical instruments etc. are included.


The places nearest to Saputara:-


saputara hill station near giradhodh

This place is located approximate 52.7 Km on the way from Saputara to Wadhai. This is only single place located in this way. This waterfall is Aesthetic and the attraction is very beautiful so it is very famous. The height of this waterfall is about 320 meter so it is very looking beautiful.

In the monsoon season the waterfall is looking awesome and the water is in huge amount so it looks beautiful and elegant. To see this beautiful waterfall the crowd of tourist is coming from different places. So this waterfall is known as Nigara waterfall of Gujarat State.

Waghai Garden:-

waghai-garden-saputara In India more than 1400 breed of plants are seen. This garden is spread out in 24 hectare in India.

Information about the Tourism:-

Gujarat Tourism Site:-

1) Mumbai to Saputara  –  247.6 Km

2) Ahemdabad to Saputara  – 401 Km

3) Surat to Saputara – 159.7 Km

4) Bhavnagar to Saputara  –  469 Km

5) Rajkot to Saputara  –  582 Km

6) Waghai to Saputara  –  52.7 Km

7) Bilimora to Saputara  –  111.6 Km

8) Nasik to Saputara  –  79.7 Km


From Airport to Saputara:-

1) Surat Airport to Saputara  –  163.7 Km

2) Mumbai Airport to Saputara  –  248.5 Km

3) Ahemdabad Airport to Saputara  –  409.4 Km



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