Truecaller – A global phone directory and caller ID tracker

– Truecaller is the most amazing and useful application for us and it is downloaded from PlayStore about 100 million times.

– By this truecaller we can get easily all the information like name, images, etc. We can easily get the identity of the users and we can also block incoming calls and SMS.

Truecaller - A global phone directory and caller-ID tracker -


When any user installs this app then he/she will get the notification about to access rights the contacts of them and they have the two options Allow or Deny.

– When the user allows it then the truecaller will automatically upload all the contacts of the user to the Truecaller server.

– When the user receives the call on his/her mobile then the detail of the number is there and the ID of the truecaller is also there.

This Truecaller app also works offline :-

– Attractive Topic:

If you want to remove the details of your number and other information from the truecaller server then you have to click this link here.

Then you have to enter your number in the unlist and click there your all the details will be removed from the server.

– For Android Application:

Setting Menu -> About ->Deactivate Account.

Note: All the information provided by the truecaller is not always right.

– When the user enter the name of his Friend as Motu then the second party will receive the number and the name is shown as Motu on his mobile.

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